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REGULATIONS IN FORCE AT THE V.T.E. – Villaggio Turistico Europa Srl

1.1 These Regulations are an integrating part of the Contract concerning stays and lodgings at the premises managed by V.T.E.-Villaggio Turistico Europa Srl (hereinafter V.T.E.). All customers, guests, visitors as well as whoever is standing inside said premises, are obliged to respect these Regulations.

1.2 The Regulations can be read at the main entrance to the V.T.E. .Having once entered the premises, therefore, you accept them integrally and unconditionally and are obliged to respect them in all its sections.
1.3 The Regulations can be perfectioned by additional clauses issued by the Direction in order to optimise the functioning of the facilities. (said additional clauses shall be made public by displaying them on proper notice boards).
1.4 As for all which is not contained in these Regulations as hereinbelow, reference is made to the current laws in force as well as in-house circulars, which shall be put on the notice boards and lounges by the Direction.
1.5 Our staff has the authority to make the Regulations respected and to report lacks of observances to the Direction: offendersshall be sanctioned by even asking such subjects to leave the structure immediately.
1.6 Whoever fails to respect the Regulations can be, at any time, expulsed from the premises at the indisputable discretion of the Direction. The relation between the parties entering the Contract and other subjects staying inside the structure managed by V.T.E. (customers, guests and visitors) can be terminated, without the obligation of money refunding (even after the payment of advanced money for any reason and of any amount), in cases of lack of observance and/or non-fulfilment of the prescriptions contained herein these Regulations.
2.1 The Village is open from April to September. The Administration Office and Cash Office are open according to the timetable displayed at the Reception lounge. Each guest must always be registered in compliance with the Italian laws of Public Security.
2.2 Upon arrival, our Camping Customers must:
– Read the Regulations.
– Hand over their identity documents for being registered.
– Communicate immediately their parking pitch number to the Direction.
– Check out the exactness of the registrations made by the Direction and report possible mistakes or variations.
2.3 The Direction reserves its right of not accepting undesirable people or people in excess.
2.4 Minor kids can be admitted only if accompanied by their parents or by adults, who are directly responsible for them.
2.5 The Direction gives its Customers an identity document (bracelet), which is strictly personal, and has to be worn during the whole period of stay. Only the legitimate owners of said bracelet are entitled to enter the Village, within the opening hours. The bracelet holder shall take care so as to keep such bracelet and, in case of damage, he/she will have to ask for another one (only after handing back the deteriorated one).
2.6 As a rule visitors are not admitted. However, for special cases, the Direction reserves the right to accept them subject to organisational needs and, in any case, according to its own indisputable judgement. Visitors must always register themselves at the Reception and show their identity documents, fill in and sign up the proper Acceptance Card.
Visitors cannot stay longer than one hour. They must be announced and met by the Customer at the Reception desk. Visitors, who intend to stay longer than one hour,must pay the daily rate in advance Those who are going to be put up by their friends, will have to proceed on with the regular acceptance.
Visitors with dogs are not admitted. Visitors must know and respect the Village Regulations, which have full efficacy even towards the latter. The V.T.E.Customers must make sure that their visiting guests are accepted by the Direction and that they are, in any case, held responsible for their behaviour.
2.7 Each arrival and departure of family members must be communicated to the Direction; filing to do this, each of them shall be charged with the daily rate, calculated from the day of their arrival until the closing date of the stay
2.8 Within the date of the end of their stay or their vehicle garaging each caravan thing or other fixed or mobile object, even if a precarious one, must be moved out of the area managed by the V.T.E. Failing to respect this, the Direction is entitled to remove the abovementioned objects from the still occupied parking pitch, and take them to the car park opposite the Village. In such a case the Direction cannot be held responsible for any loss and/or theft which might occur and is entitled to charge possible costs due to the removal and deposit.
2.9 The lack of payment of the amount specified on the Contract shall involve the rescission of it without a preventive putting into arrears.
2.10 The contracting party who fails to pay the amount on arrears and the expenses for garaging and custody, gives authorisation, right from this moment to the lessor, of selling the means as well as the equipment, which are in deposit in order to its own credit paid back. The sale shall be carried out in accordance with the ways as specified by the V.T.E.. Possible higher amounts cashed in shall be kept at the disposal of the contracting party in arrears. It is herein intended that the contracting party cannot take away his/her own equipment as the latter is and constitute by now a guarantee of payment for the fees and other services enclosed to the Contract (guests, additional car park, etc.). Whenever the equipment as hereinbefore, constituting a guarantee, turned out to be unsold or fruitless or unable of being sold for any reason whatsoever, the latter would be towed away and taken to proper areas. The costs arising from said operation shall be charged entirely upon the customer and shall be added to amounts of money still to be due.
2.11 The Direction reserves the right of not permitting the access to the V.T.E. managed area to money defaulting subjects.
2.12 The Direction, at its own indisputable judgement, reserves its faculty of accessing the area, at any time, to the assigned spaces and to the living units, as well as any time that it reckons it necessary for reasons of urgency, maintenance, control and inspections, though also to look after possible works, which are regarded as necessary.
2.13 The parking pitch can be chosen by Customers upon specification of the staff though it must be given in a definitive way to the Direction. All equipment is to be orderly placed within the boundaries of the parking pitch. The new customer, once he/she has carried out all the contractual operations with the office, shall make provisions so as to take his/her caravan and verandas to the first pitch he/she required and was granted, under the supervision of our staff who shall show him/her the boundaries of the parking pitch.
3.1 All caravans and boats (engines included) present inside the Village must be covered by an insurance to cover civil liability, theft or fire.
3.2 All equipment the motorhome trailers are fitted with, must be conforming to the current laws in force.
3.3 The timetable of offices and services is the one which is displayed inside the premises and which have been specifically set up for this purpose. Throughout the summer season, the timetables listed here below will be in force:
– For accounting and cash operations, the office timetable are from 7 am to 11 pm;
– Closing times from midnight to 7.00 a.m.;
– Driving the area around from 11.00 p.m. to 7.00 a.m. is forbidden;
Timetables different from the summer season ones are always on display outside the office.
3.4 During closing times (from midnight to 7.00 a.m.) is strictly forbidden to make noises which, in any case, might disturb the quietness and the sleep of camping customers; to the same extent, it is forbidden to set up or disassemble tents. Therefore, during these times, arrivals and departures are not allowed, as well as noisy gatherings or meetings, the use of the playground area, the sports or leisure facilities. Acoustic equipment or sound systems, among which radios or similar, must always be lowered. Those who disturb the neighbours will always be asked to leave the Village immediately.
3.5 It is strictly prohibited to damage the vegetation and the equipment, tied up canvasses or similar to the plants or to the shadowing structures, as well as digging holes or small canals, pouring oils, fuel, boiling, salted or waste fluids on the ground.
You are allowed to discharge only “clear waters” and no other substances or fluids (such as “black waters”, residual solids from chemical WCs; at other water columns you are not allowed to get rid of any sort of discharge (the grid you see there is only to let water flow away).
3.6 Planting herbs, bushes or small trees is forbidden in all Village areas. Only our camping site staff can prune the bushes and plants. Your parking pitch is numbered and, in the pinewood, is limited by wooden fences belonging to the Village. These objects must not be removed, tampered, nailed, painted or hidden by small tents, etc. It’s up to the Customer to keep them in a good shape. Gravel or tiles (even dry tiles) cannot be placed over the granted parking pitch. Only plastic, holed tiles are permitted.
3.7 Customers are obliged to know the contents of all signs displayed and scattered around the Village area.
3.8 It is strictly forbidden to light fires on the beach as well as inside the Camping Site. Moreover, it is forbidden to keep any sort of fuel or inflammable, except for liquid gas cylinders (as long as they have been proved as conforming to the current laws in force).
3.9 Each camping customer must look after his/her belongings. If you find any object or valuable inside the Village area, you are obliged to hand it over to the Direction; the latter shall make provisions so as to meet the current laws in force.
3.10 Children must always be looked after and be under the supervision of, when staying inside the Village, especially when they make use of the sports facilities, the toilets, the playground areas as well as the swimming pool, the beach and when in sea water, their parents or people with parental permission. As for the latter, the Direction cannot be held responsible for any damage whatsoever the minor kids caused to themselves or to third parties. The liability for any sort of behaviour of the minor kid falls entirely upon his/her parents or upon the people appointed by the same parents.
3.11 The use of the sports facilities, the state owned portion of land, the playground areas, the swimming pools, the leisure and service facilities, requires great care, attention and respect of regulations as well as the regulations on display in those specific areas. The use of the aquatic park, the space for boats, of other facilities such as sports fields, laundry etc. is regulated by proper signs placed close to the facilities themselves. The customers themselves must read them when they intend to use them. If you wish to get into the swimming pool, you must wear your slippers and walk under a purposely-installed shower.
3.12 Any damage caused by Customers shall be immediately reported to the Direction and it will have to be paid for when checking out.
3.13 Sailing, power sailing, waterskiing, water paragliding, windsurfing, cayaking are forbidden in the area reserved to swimmers.
3.14 Animals are admitted only in the low season and only on assigned pitches. Animals must have their proper identification collars and tags bearing the name of their owner.
Their entrance is subject to a fee displayed by the proper rate. Your dog will have to stay inside the perimeter of your parking pitch and you will have to keep it clean. Dogs must obligatorily stay in the area reserved to them and kept on leash or tied up. Every time you come in or go out of the Village, you must walk along the main streets and for the strictly necessary time. Dogs are never allowed to go to the beach, to the sea, to the swimming pools, the living units or, in any case, to areas in common (such as bars, restaurants, entertainment areas, playground areas). The owner or the holder of them is obliged to pick up and clean their droppings. He/she is also responsible for any other damage caused by his/her dog or other pets. Failing to observe what hereinbefore stated, shall involve the request, to the owner/holder of the dog, of leaving the Village.
3.15 Your pet dropping must be disposed of into properly sealed plastic bags and put into the proper disposal boxes; organic waste, not recyclable waste, glassware, plastic items, paper and cans must be put into the differentiated waste disposal units, which are situated in the proper points. In all the Village
area it is prohibited to dump away bulky objects such as furniture, wires, mattresses, fridges, bikes etc..
3.16 Car washing is allowed but only in the properly reserved spaces and always at proper times. As for your linen and tableware washing, you must absolutely make use of the proper sinks; therefore, you are not allowed to use drinkable water fountains to wash your swimming costumes, dishes, clothes, pets or other.
3.17 In any case, the Direction cannot be held responsible for the following events that might occur (both on land and at sea) to whoever or to whatever is standing inside the area run by V.T.E. – Villaggio Turistico Europa Srl:
– Damage due to trees or branches falling to the ground, or natural disasters, atmospheric events, faults or omissions on the part of the customers themselves, negligence of third parties and in any cause due to force majeure or to fortuitous cases;
-Damage due to electricity, water network blackouts to be charged upon the proper Authorities;
-Loss, theft, misappropriation of valuables;
-Damage due to minor kids to themselves or to third parties (also when using the sports facilities, playground areas, the state owned lands, the toilets, etc.);
-Damage due to the use of furniture and equipment the living units are fitted with;
-Damage or harassment due to pets admitted to the Camping Site;
-Damage underwent by cars inside the car parks;
-Damage due thefts or attempts of stealing partially or totally from caravans, motorhomes, tent trailers, pre-entrances or anything else is standing inside the camping site (on land or in sea water);
3.18 In any case, the amount of money of the possible indemnity or money refund shall be the one specified by the Insurance Company, independently from the real entity of the damage suffered.
3.19 With the aims of providing information and advertising on the part of the Villaggio Turistico Europa, you duly authorise the free use of pictures and videos in which, apart from the contracting party who signs up the agreement himself/herself, the guests and their relatives, including the minor kids upon whom they exert their parental authority are shown, and they explicitly renounce to any sort of claim for indemnity or money.
3.20 It is forbidden to take inside the Camping Site all sort of vehicles, caravans, trailers or other means of accommodation or stay, which fail to comply with the current laws in force for what regards their insurance coverage, state taxes (property tax etc.), circulation tax (Road code) environment etc.
4.1 Vehicles can be driven into the Village and taken to explicitly authorised areas only.
4.2 Vehicles must be parked in the parking pitch they have been granted by the Direction or in the car park in common.
4.3 Vehicles can in any case be driven to and from their parking pitch only.
4.4 If specifically authorized by the Direction and within the timetables the latter has specified, goods which cannot be carried by hand, can be loaded and unloaded; the same applies to the handicapped people who need being accompanied to their parking pitch or their living unit;
4.5 If admitted, cars, motorbikes and mopeds, when running along the internal alleys, must always travel at the same speed as walking people (max admitted speed inside the Camping Site is 10 km/hr).
4.6 In any case, from 11.00 p.m. to 7.00 a.m. it is prohibited to circulate and therefore, it is forbidden to drive in and out of the Village.
4.7 Car and or motorcycle parking inside the pinewood is always forbidden. Throughout all the opening season, there is a no parking sign for vehicles inside the pinewood, except for when unloading and loading goods at the beginning and the end of the opening season or for need of carrying heavy objects (in such a case, you must get a specific authorisation from the Direction).
5.1 Upon specific request on the part of the customer, the Direction reserves its right of granting, according to its own in-house organisational needs, a seasonal forfeit contract; these Regulations shall always be applied also to such contracts.
5.2 The forfait contract is signed up and registered under the name of a single contracting party and is valid for camping customers who were registered upon their arrival. Both cession and sub-entry in the contract to third parties is forbidden if not previously authorised by the Direction. For possible guests who have accepted, you will be asked to pay an extra money equal to the daily rate per person. Upon entering the forfeit contract, you will be asked to show your identification document, which has to be valid. The presence of not reported forfeit subjects shall not be accepted to the same extent as they will not be accepted if they do not want to show a valid document. Minor kids specified on the contract are allowed to stay on our premises only if their parents are present too or if under the surveillance of subjects with mandate from their parents who are held liable for the actions carried out by said minor kids (especially in cases of damage to themselves, to third parties, to the facilities or in case of noisy behaviours).
5.3 The forfait contracting parties must leave the parking pitch free of people or things within the time limit specified on the contract.
5.4 Parking or stationing in the parking pitch is not allowed; all vehicles shall, therefore, be left in the proper, external, payment car park. Customers’ cars parked outside the proper parking boundaries shall not be tolerated.
5.5 Visitors’ vehicles are not allowed to enter the Camping Site. They must be parked in the proper, payment car park opposite the Village. For no reason whatsoever, you cannot occupy the space which does not belong to your parking pitch by parking cars, boats, trailers, bikes, tables etc. .
5.6 The plate numbers, the registration numbers or the type and size of a possible trailers, shall be written on the forfeiture contract 5.7 The Customer who has left his/her caravan on the spot for the winter garaging operations and signs up the forfeit summer contract shall be entitled to only the transport of his/her caravan and his/her possible cube by our staff, from the winter car park to the booked place. Customers shall make provisions so as to accurately position his/her caravan and/or other possible objects.
5.8 You are allowed to use only canvass windshields, as long as they are compatible with the environment and, in any case, they shall not be higher than 120 cm. All your picketing poles shall be hammered inside the perimeter of your assigned parking pitch and care shall be taken not to damage the existing vegetation. It is absolutely prohibited to set up covering structures, apart from verandas. Gazebos and/or sun umbrellas are permitted (max 4mt for each side) if fixed to the ground or provided with a removable supporting base. In any case, the Camping Customer hereby declares that he/she perfectly knows the regional and national regulations concerning this issue and the requirement of mobility of the latter (i.e. prohibition of getting a direct, permanent connection with the water network, sewage system or gas system, etc.). You are allowed to make use of only a single current socket; Customers are not allowed to use a second different current socket with another cable and plug.
6.1 Within the last opening day of the Camping site, Customers holding a forfeit contract shall make provisions so as to disassemble small tents, tents, verandas and different structures belonging to them, by positioning all of them inside their caravans or, possibly, into cubes with size not larger than 1,20 x 1,20 mt (base) and 1,40 mt (height).
6.2 All cubes and caravans must be perfectly closed and locked by Customers and the names and surnames of the subject the winter contract is headed to, must be well visible. The garaging operations shall be over within the day the Camping site closes.
6.3 The Seasonal Guests (once they have signed up the winter garaging contract) must make provisions so as to finalise their preparations within the last day of the Camping Site opening, in order to transport their caravans and their cubes to the external car park, by leaving the parking pitch completely free. The Direction shall take care to moving such objects, according to the ways and the times it shall deem as necessary. Every cable, picketing pole or wire must be removed in order to leave the parking pitch free for maintenance operations or for works to be carried out in wintertime.
6.4 Any sort of item to be found outside the cube, as specified hereinbefore under Section 6.1, shall be regarded as “abandoned” and thereby eliminated. Moreover, you are kindly reminded that your fridges must be dumped off by yourself.
6.5 An out-of-the-season entry to the Camping site can be granted to the Customers only through advanced booking , in the scheduled days and times, so that Customers can visit his/her items; Customers shall be allowed to enter the area on foot only.
7.1 Our rates are those currently in force this year and are VAT included. Booking rights cannot be acknowledged if an advanced payment has been made beforehand.
7.2 In any case, the Direction reserves its right to modify the number of the assigned parking pitch due to organisational needs or force –majeure.
7.3 The Management reserves the right to take into consideration the guests’ preference but not to guarantee it
7.4 In case a booking, which must always be communicated by registered letter, by fax or by email, is deleted, a money percentage shall be withheld on the already paid amounts of money, as follows here below:
• till 15 days before arrival € 26,00
• from 14 till 7 days before arrival 50% of the total
• from 6 days till arrival 80% of the total
7.5 Refund payments will be made using the same payment method you used to make the purchase.
7.6 For delayed arrivals or anticipated departures there will be no reimbursements or discounts for both living units and parking pitches.
8.1 Any litigation arising from the application, the interpretation of these Regulations shall be settled at the territorially competent Court of Law of Gorizia.


Dear guest, we ask that you pay attention at the following rules in order to prevent and contain the spread of Covid 19.


  • in the presence of symptoms that may point towards COVID-19 symptoms (fever, flu symptoms, cough…)
  • In the case of undergoing quarantine measures, of having been resulted positive to COVID 19 or having in possession a certificate of being healed.
  • In the case of having had contact in the last 14 days with people who have tested positive for COVID 19
  • In the case of having lived with people affected by COVID 19
  • In the case of having been in areas of risk (as indicated from the OMS and the regulations guilty in Italian territory) in the last 14 days
  • In absence of the so-called Green pass when entering the VTE, if so required by the current national regulations, or any document certifying that you have been fully vaccinated in the last 6 months, have already contracted and recovered from Covid-19 in the last 6 months or have been tested negative for coronavirus within the past 48 hours by an antigen or molecular test.


  1. To keep correct preventive habits to guarantee the compliance with protocols of hygiene and safety.
  2. To wash hands frequently with water and soap for 40/60 seconds; if you cannot wash them, use sanitizing gel
  3. To cover nose and mouth with the hollow of your elbow or single use tissue when you cough or sneeze.
  4. Avoid contact with handshakes or hugs.
  5. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth without having first washed your hands.
  6. Maintain at least a 1-meter distance from people.
  7. Wear a mask, or other proper tool to shelter nose and mouth, in all indoor public places and in the arena. The face mask must be used in open spaces when it proves impossible to keep 1 meter away from others.
  8. Use single-use gloves when and where requested, for example inside of the supermarket.
  9. Enter reception and indoor public spaces with your face mask and sanitizing your hands, only one person per family unit and practicing social distancing measures; choose whenever possible email to make inquiries or call with your phone and use your credit card to charge your bracelets online instead of at the reception.
  10. Use the shower with soap before entering the water park pool and wear a hair cap. Do not move sunbeds or umbrellas on the beach or at the water park, as to social distance of at least 1.5 meters.
  11. Avoid contact with sick individuals or those with flu symptoms.
  12. To safeguard your health, respect the ministerial decrees, regionals laws and indications from the OMS and the rules following the guidelines inside of V.T.E
  13. Management has the right to turn away guests who act under behaviors that go against this regulation or the national regulations in force, which entails measuring the bodily temperature of Guests.

We remind you also that by law you must immediately and responsibly notify Management in the case you have any flu symptom, taking care of staying at a safe distance from the people present.

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