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Your stay at the Villaggio Europa

Some rules to respect

In order to ensure you have an optimal experience at the Village, we ask you to respect some simple rules, which you will find in full by clicking on the “The Regulations of Villaggio Europa” button below.

The following regulations are also displayed at the reception and the stay inside the Village is allowed only upon acceptance of all the rules displayed.

In case of non-compliance with the regulations, guests can be expelled from the Village.

High season opening hours




7.00 - 23.00


7.30 - 19.00

water park

9.30 - 19.00

Beach service

9.00 - 19.00

Bike rent

9.00 - 19.00

pool snack bar

9.30 - 20.30

bar bistrot

8.00 - 23.00


12.00 - 15.00
18.00 - 21.00

bar arena

17.00 - 24.00


9.30 - 12.00
15.30 - 18.00


8.00 - 23.00

restaurant Pizzeria

18.00 - 22.00


18.00 - 20.30

Seasonal opening of the facilities

Beach service

1/5 - 21/9


20/4 - 15/9

water park

1/5 - 21/9

Not all facilities may be operating in low season.


The Management has taken all precautions to avoid accidents occurring in the campsite and to warn guests in case of emergency situations. The location of the Operations Center (Reception) is indicated on the plan. In the event that you happen to discover a fire or other dangerous situation, promptly notify Reception. Our emergency team will be dispatched immediately.
If a fire or other emergency assumes proportions that cannot be controlled, the evacuation message will be broadcast with a siren sound.

In this case, leave the campsite and go to the indicated Collection Point, where you will receive the relevant information and instructions from our staff. If you are inside buildings, leave the premises immediately and close the door, unlocked, leaving the windows closed. Always follow the instructions given by the members of the emergency team.

In case of emergency contact

+39 0431 80877

Emergency rescue at sea


useful telephone numbers
National emergency number
Harbour Office
+39 0431 80050
Tourist Medical Guard
+39 0431 897906

The village watch

It is delivered to everyone upon check-in and can be topped up in cash or by credit card at Reception every day from 7 to 23. But that’s not all, it can also be topped up by you online by accessing your reserved area. It is also a convenient and secure money deposit system. In case of theft or loss (but we hope not!) immediately notify the Reception to block it. Upon departure you will return it to the cash desk, where any remaining money will be returned to you.

The watch is precious 🙂 be careful not to lose or damage it. We do not like this practice, but given the number of guests, in one of these cases we will be forced to charge 5 euros. Please slow down near the bars to allow the number plate to be read and do not queue up with the car in front of you. In case of need, ring the intercom on the columns. The bars are closed from 11pm to 7am and you can access the parking lots outside the Reception.

Why wear the Village watch

  • opens the entrance to the walkway and cycle path
  • allows entry to the water park
  • it is the identification method of the guests of the village
  • it is the only payment method within the village

Your stay at the Villaggio Europa

Help us respect nature

If you are here, it is because you love greenery and nature. And how best to demonstrate it if not with small daily gestures? Inside the Village there are seven ecological islands dedicated to the storage of materials to be recycled, bins for non-recyclable dry waste and wet waste. Furthermore, in all the refreshment points we have adopted bins of different colors that differentiate the material they contain.

We are sure that you will pay the utmost attention to what you throw inside and that you will take care to compact the plastic, aluminum and paper in the best possible way in full respect of nature and others. The planet thanks!

ZZZ ZZZ Mosquitoes

To make your stay more pleasant, every Monday and Thursday (the following day in case of rain) the mosquitoes are disinfested from 4 in the morning. A repellent product is sprayed between the plants so as not to disturb your rest. You won’t notice anything, you just have to remember to keep the windows closed!

We grill safely

Please do not use the grill inside the houses, on the verandas and directly on the lawns. It is strictly forbidden to light fires on the beach and inside the campsite; but the use of the charcoal and gas grill with cylinders compliant with current regulations is permitted.

Four-legged friends

We love animals very much, but for reasons of organization and respect for all guests, we welcome them ONLY IN THE LOW SEASON. A special area is dedicated to them, where we ask you to keep them on a leash or tied up for the necessary journey. The main roads must be used at the entrance and exit of the Village. The areas that our little friends cannot access are the beach, the sea, the swimming pools, the restaurant, the bars, the theater and the housing units. We ask you – but we are sure that there is no need – to clean up their waste and to be careful that, unintentionally, they do not cause damage for which you would then have to answer (if not, what are friends for?)

Night watering

During the night the lawns are irrigated, for this reason we suggest you collect any laundry that may have been hung out to prevent it from getting wet.

Hospitality and accessibility

At the Village we are committed to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment to all our guests through a range of barrier-free services and facilities designed to guarantee an accessible holiday for people with disabilities.

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The houses represent an interesting and comfortable solution among the numerous offers of Villaggio Europa.

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The camping

Among the dunes of the healthy and salubrious pine forest, close to the beach, you will discover an ideal place to stay with campers, caravans or tents.

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