Excursions-Natur and Art

Bycicle and boat are the ideal means to discover the suggestive and original lagoon landscape, an artistic and antropogical microcosm , a really unique habitat made of silence, colours, sensations to enjoy the freedom.

A tangle of canals and valleys covered with reeds and bushes.A place of no time , reign of the water, wind and silence. An unique ecosystem with a delicate equilibrium, still perfectly preserved. On the little isles the fishermen used to live in the typical houses of straw called “casoni”.

You can observe the beauty of the lagoon in the entchanting protected areas at the mouth of the river Isonzo and the Valle Cavanata Reserve-. Here rare birds and wild horses have been reintroduced as part of a WWF program and live in the wild.
Grado is culture- art and faith too.

Immersed in the calm of nature with the intertwining canals and streams , in the picturesque island of Barbara lies a Sanctuary, international famous religious site dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Grado, the "Golden Island", joined to the mainland by a narrow strip of land, has a graceful Venetian style historic town centre where you can wander through the alleyways and squares and you can admire. the early Christian buildings and the roman and high medieval bas-reliefs.

Nearby you can discover Aquileia:one of the most important cities of the ancient Roman Empire, now an outstanding archaeological site, which UNESCO has recently listed as a world heritage.
Moreover, Grado and the Upper Adriatic offer to everyone keen on sea depths excursions which are interesting from the naturalistic and archeological point of view and suitable for every level of diving training.

At reception you will find all the information about Trieste, Udine, Gorizia, Venice and many other less famous but equally beautiful places in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, of both historic and gastronomic interest.








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